• L.A. Connect – Your Hollywood Connection

    L.A. Connect – Your Hollywood Connection

    You provide the talent, we provide the road to opportunity! Let’s see if you got what it takes and we’ll get you there.

  • Exclusive Industry Connections

    Exclusive Industry Connections

    L.A. Connect only works with agents and managers from the Los Angeles market.

  • L.A. Connect Success Stories

    L.A. Connect Success Stories

    Jenny Cipolla, one of our success stories in a recent Metro Brokers commercial.

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Harrison Moulton – Kidz Bop Interview

Jenny Cipolla – Metro Brokers Commercial

General Mills Cereal Commercial

How Serious Are You About Your Career?

Have you put in the hours and hours with your acting club, school plays, acting lessons, or dance team, glee clubs, cheerleading, beauty competitions? It's been proven that the earlier kids and teens can incorporate Hollywood into their activities the better. Whether your commitment is three hours a week or 12 hours a week, LA Connect is individually tailored to your talent, age group, experience, and goals. Waiting too late can be a mistake. Arriving in Hollywood as a teen actor, you will be auditioning against teens who have been working since they were aged four. Business is the most important word in Show Business: those hiring will choose a professional actor. Parents and kids need to know the business so they can time their journey toward the Hollywood acting business. You can learn it the hard way or you can just ask us. The hard way won't get you farther, it will just take time and burn up you energy and enthusiasm.

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