Questions To Ask Yourself

Is L.A. Connect a “fit” for my child and family?

Please ask yourself the following questions.

Does your child have a minimum of 1 hour per month to commit to L.A. Connect?
L.A. Connect places an emphasis on marketing and interview techniques. Our members constantly audition. Our members have the opportunity to interview twice per month from Denver with agents and managers from Los Angeles. Our members also have access to currently casting projects. We allow your child to audition for these projects via tape submissions. We are NOT a school. We do offer support opportunities to develop their craft. Acting/Hip Hop/ and Voice workshops are available on a weekly basis, however weekly participation is not required. Each member comes to L.A. Connect with different goals. Some parents would like to fast track their child to top tier agents and opportunities, while other parents are looking for a one of a kind experience that will nurture their child’s creative itch, while giving them national opportunities along the way. Any workshops missed will be credited an half hour private lesson within the month when the absence occurred. We have found that our parents place an extremely high value with the workshops that are provided. The workshops provide confidence building and life skill techniques; such as interviewing skills and public speaking. Your child will also have access to new friendships outside of their normal, daily routine.

Are you aware of what on-camera acting is?
On-Camera acting is the complete opposite of beauty pageants. On Camera actors come in all shapes and sizes. There is a place for the blond haired, blued eyed stunning girl, the quirky boy, the chubby girl, and the awkward. On Camera acting demands bright kids! We can’t put enough of an emphasis on this. On Camera acting is also considered “THE VEHICAL” when it comes to supporting a child’s interest in dance, or singing in order to take their skills to the next level. It is very difficult to make a career out of being a ballerina or vocal solo artist. Many successful dancers and singers are able to display their passion for dancing and singing through On-Camera acting.

What days will our Broomfield workshops/Skype auditions take place?
Saturday afternoons/early evenings 2x per month. 3.5-4 hours. Sessions are divided into acting and hip hop. If you are only interested in the workshops, please moved past the next question.

Do you as parents have the time and means to support going to L.A. within 2-3 week notice?
This business is a multi-billion dollar business, and when kids book, it can sometime pay for half of a college education. However, that is after they book. One of the reasons parents LOVE L.A. Connect is because we do most of the auditioning leg work here in Denver. We try to only have the parents make the trip to L.A. when the casting directors or agents are serious about their child. Kids are who they are because of what they do, so it’s important our members stay involved in as many activities as possible. That’s why our kids BOOK. They are unique! They are special! They are not L.A. kids!

Why would L.A. Connect be a one of a kind experience for my child?
Most of our parents place their child in our program in order to give them a one of a kind experience that their child would typically not have access to in the Colorado market. L.A. Connect gives a realistic perspective of this business, and allows members access to top agents, managers, casting directors, and national audition opportunities. Kids which have the “entertainment itch” eventually look into pursuing their dream. However, L.A. Connect attempts to create a path so children can have a true authentic Hollywood experience here from Denver, so they don’t end up becoming a “table waiter” in Los Angeles and New York. :) L.A. Connect encourages our members to stay in school and attend a college and major in medicine, accounting, business, etc… Going to college for “acting” “photography” or “voice” may end up in a degree in unemployment.

The second reason parents place their children in L.A. Connect is that they really want a fast track option! L.A. Connect is a much more affordable option compared to 3-5 years of living expenses and hitting the pavement in Los Angeles. If your child is over 10 years old, it is important that they secure reputable representation ASAP and start building a resume with actual “credits”, not “classes.” These families want their child to book as soon as possible, without having to move to Los Angeles. L.A. Connect is able to facilitate auditions for national opportunities here from Denver.

L.A. Connect facilitates a family friendly environment in which we nurture a child’s creative way of thinking. Our success stories and relationships speak for themselves. We can tell you that all of our kids who are involved with L.A. Connect say it is one of the most fun, unique experiences they have ever been involved with.

Choosing a program?
Programs are designed so our clients have maximum flexibility and convenience. You can register for ANY program, no matter your child’s skill level or ability. Some parents want more “bang” for their buck. We at LAC, believe we should be upfront with total costs. LAC proves to be similar in cost to a competitive sport. Our program is limited to 35 clients at one time, therefore, creating a personalized and boutique experience.

Why take acting classes?
If you are serious about acting and want to compete in this profession you must train and consistently practice your art form. Actors are like emotional athletes and must work out continually so that they are emotionally in shape and prepared for whatever audition comes there way. Besides developing your craft, acting classes will benefit you by strengthening your auditioning skills, your self confidence, your cold reading skills and your ability to break down a scene.

How are we different from all the other places out there?
While we like teaching beginners how to act, our primary focus is on the more experienced actor who is having a hard time. Our goal is to: improve your auditions, increase your booking ratio, raise your confidence level and make acting fun again.