Sarah Allman – Founder

sarah_allmanSarah Allman has been considered an industry leader in developing talent and creating effective results when  transitioning talent from smaller markets into larger market opportunities. With over 12 years of creating the most effective method she can take any talent to the next level. Sarah has built lasting and productive relationships with the industry professionals. The agents and managers that work closely with Sarah know what kind of talent she produces, and take the time out of their busy schedules privately audition her client base when requested. Sarah places a high priority when it comes to education. Sarah requires that each of her members  maintain above average grades while participating in her program. She believes that in order to find success as a child/teen actor, one must already execute an established work ethic. Sarah’s vision is that all members that wish to pursue a career in acting, will live in their hometown until they are accepted into a top rated California University. All of Sarah’s members are aware of the challenges that comes along with breaking into the business, therefore, it is crucial that they secure a 4 year degree in another profession. Here are just a few of the well known Casting Directors, Agents, and Managers that Sarah has worked with in the past.

Agencies & Management Companies
LuberRocklin Entertainment
Paul Weber – In-house Casting Director, MGM (Metro, Goldwyn, Meyer)D’Avola and Associates, LA
Coast to Coast, LA
Defining Artist
LA Talent
Agency Models and Talent, MN
AKA Talent, LA
Abrams Artists
Savage Talent
Harry Greenspan
Sharon Leiblein
Krisha Bullock

Talent Works, LA