What L.A. Connect Is

LA Connect is Colorado’s most effective way to be discovered in national professional acting markets. It’s also an effective way to take any talent, acting, dance or voice to the next level.

• LA Connect kids and teens audition for top LA agents and casting directors up to TWICE a month, every month.

• LA Connect concentrates on “on camera” coaching, group coaching every Sunday afternoon, privates anytime. These are part of most programs.

• LA Connect kids audition for real LA jobs submitted by top LA agents. These are not cattle call submissions but real submissions that go through real agents for real network/film/commercial jobs.

• LA Connect programs include headshots from LA photographers. Casting directors can recognize the photos done by each top photographer; having the right photographer does help get the job.

• LA Connect programs include the LA Connect executive accompanying the talent to 3 days of agent meetings in Los Angeles and LA Connect helps place the talent with the most suitable agent if there are multiple offers.

• LA Connect works with the selected agent to develop the talent from Colorado with the right concentration on training, with help with submissions, etc.

LA Connect has been widely-recognized as the best of its kind.
We bring the entertainment industry to Colorado by having LA Agents, Casting Directors, and Networks visit our facility bi-weekly to privately audition our members. LA Connect is proud to offer the latest technology in order to provide a state of the art experience.

Members have access to our professional studio where they can hone and develop their skills and techniques. Members also receive a professional photo shoot to create their marketing tools (portfolio, composition card, or zed card). We are excited to bring the entertainment  industry to the Colorado market.

We welcome all who wish to take their career to the next level!